Thursday, December 17, 2009

Did you think I got lost?

Hello??... HELLLLOOOoooo??...  [ echo ] .....
                   Anybody here?  [ echo ].......
Holy Scmokes!  It seems SOOooo LONG!  Wow!  My last post was in the beginning of December!   I'm so so sorry, the past month has just ZOOOOMED by me!  I can hardly believe that next WEEK is Christmas!  Wowzers!  And, as usual, I am by FAR.... NOT ready!  At least I have all of my Christmas cards made.  I did that before I went away on vacation last month. Thankgoodness for small miracles!
  Ok... so, Honestly.. I have been so busy! The good news is, last night I took my final, so I don't have another class until next year.. the bad news is... next year is only TWO weeks away! 
   More good news...  the Holiday Inn Express contracted me to make 120 Christmas cards for them... PLUS... she just called me tonight, asking for another FORTY by Monday!  Without thinking... i told her YES!  yikes!  Nothing like a little MORE added pressure!'s the card.. (a few minor changes were, to remove the extra snowflake punch and only make it in velumn, and I added white grosgrain ribbon accross the bottom)  I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the 120 cards, but this card is VERY similar to what I gave her:

When I made the extra 40 cards, I will CERTAINLY take a picture.  I was just so darn excited to get them done, and delivered, that I completely forgot to take a snap shot! (oh well)...  

I'm sooooo beat!  I still have a lot to do yet tonight, so I better get crackin' 
I just wanted ya'll to know that I am still here... just SWAMPED!

Hugs to all!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Decor' Elements

HOW.... COOOOOL..... is..... THIS?

This was one of our projects that my stamp class did on Saturday! 

I picked up some inexpensive square plates over the weekend, and the class used Decor' Elements on them.  Oh.. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of everyone's plate!  They were ALL so GORGEOUS!

You can STILL order these transfers in the four colors:  Black, Chocolate, Red, and White 
      Don't WAIT... because after January 4, they are GONE! 

I'll be using mine for my Holiday Cookies this year! 

Happy Stamping!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Clearly" a step in the RIGHT direction!

New TOYS!!  My Christmas present Smiley from came early today!  I wasn't expecting my Stampin' Up order to come until Thursday... and WAHOOO'ies... it came TODAY!

I am SOOOOOOOO excited about the next mini catalog coming out... AND... if you're on my customer mailing list, you WILL be getting one in the mail within the next few weeks!  Smiley from

There are SOOO many new items coming out that it is JUST too many to mention... but...  Here are a few new toys that I want to share with you!

By FAR... these are my favorites!

Do you know what they are?... NOOOOoo... not ice cubes!  Smiley from

These are clear mount blocks for the new rubber stamp line!  YEP!!  NO KIDDING!!  Stampin' Up will NOW be offering both clear mounting and wood mounting options!  It will be our same high-quality rubber!  Coming in January you'll be able to order either clear-mount or wood-mount stamps.

PLUS... the clear-mount stamps sets will come in a storage box the size of a DVD.  SO.. that MEANS... MORE stamp sets in a smaller amount of storage space!!  WAH-HOO!

OK... the next exciting news is....

SWEEEET !   Satin ribbon!!  Gosh I love our ribbons!  And THESE are suberb!  I didn't get all of the colors, but what I have here is (left to right) Chocolate Chip, Old Olive, Real Read, Very Vanilla, and.. BASIC BLACK (you can bearly see that one) Oh.. this ribbon is Oh SO NICE!

Other colors that will be available are:  Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink, Bashful Blue and Basic Gray!  I plan on getting those right after Christmas!  :)

ok... on to more toys! Smiley from


A brand new style... TOO!

Corner punches, border punches, tag punch, AND.. an awesomely COOL bird and branch punch!  I can't WAIT to use these!!!

The new design is easier to punch and easier on the hands!  PLUS......The punch design is made in such a way that it locks shut for easy storage!

Ok... one more new goodie, and I'll have to finish posting tomorrow night....

Stitched Felt Flowers!

SUPER CUTE!!!  These are just so cute, and you can embellish just about anything!!

I'll be featuring these in my next few cards!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No,  Really, I am.... I know, i know... it doesn't SEEM like I am, because I've been totally ignoring my blog!  HOWEVER.... the trip home was totally exhausting... even though I slept almost the entire way on the plane.  I dunno, traveling always wears me out! 
So, anyway, we did get home Saturday evening, I'm STILL not caught up on my laundry.. Anybody wanna do it for me??  Smiley from ... (just kidding!)

Sunday, I did pretty much nothing but vegatate on the sofa.. (still worn out, I guess), and other than working almost every single night this week (LATE... mind you), I've been trying to get ready for my Saturday, Holiday workshop class this Saturday.  AND... not to mention... TRY to keep up with my homework.  I really CAN'T wait until I'm done school... boy oh boy that will be one BIG PAR-TAY! Smiley from

Anyway... bear with me on my blog... Trust me... I won't leave you high and dry!  Smiley from ;I'll be getting something posted sometime this weekend.  (I hope!)... because I also have a huge term paper due on Sunday, (which I haven't started yet.... anybody interested in doing THAT for me?? )...  I suppose it all boils down to............
I'D RATHER BE STAMPING!!!  Smiley from

Stampin' Hugs!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 6

Disney's Hollywood Studio's (Formely known as: MGM Studio's)
The kids really enjoyed Hollywood Studio's,  Thomas and Daniel's favorite spot was the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!  The popular Indiana Jones is replayed right before your eyes!  Indiana Jones arrives through a hole in the ceiling, coming down on a rope...Spikes pop up in the stage floor, and a huge "boulder" trys to crush him as he runs from it.  They use volunteers from the audience, but I couldn't get any of our kids to volunteer!  Another BIG highlight from the day was the show called "Lights, Motors, Action!" This show had LOTS of stunt cars, motorcycles, and jet skis racing across the set. There was even a guy who fell from a 5-story building onto an airbag.  Plus, anytime things "BLOW UP" the boys love it!  Other things we did were: Star Wars thrill ride, Muppet 3D vision, The Great Movie ride, The Backlot Tour, and the night ended with a spectacular view of the city lights.  Check this out:

TWO streets were lit up like this

PLUS... it "snowed" from the tops of the building!

Here are some other fun pictures:

Until, tomorrow.....


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 5

Magic Kingdom - Part 2
Yep... It rained.... and.... rained.... and RAINED! - BUT, one good thing was that the park wasn't crowded!  We finished up seeing everything on the right side of the park.  Mickey and Minnie's Toon Town, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.  The night ended with a spectacular fireworks display over top of Cinderella's castle.  We didn't get back to the room until 11:30, and thank goodness that we drove the rental car over, or it would have been much later!
Here are some great pictures:

The castle kept changing colors:

This is in Minnie's house

I wonder how they do this......?

That's it for today....
Have a Magical Day!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 4

Magic Kingdom - Part 1
Goodness.... What can I say!  There was SOOooo much to see in Magic Kingdom that we only covered half of the park and we're going back to see the other half tomorrow! (Actually today, since i was supposed to post this LAST night!!)
We took about 400 pictures between all of us, and I'll be gathering them all together when I get back to make a scrapbook using My Digital Studio!  I have SO many great pictures!! Here are a few:

Here's a popular one...

At the Pirates of the Carribean

The boys "arm wrestling" on Tom Sawyer's Island

Jaimee.... trying to steal the "BOOTY"

Unfortunately................Smiley from !     We're going ANYWAY!  I'll post more later!


Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok... I may be on vacation, but I STILL know a bargin when I see one, and I would be failing as your demonstrator if I didn't tell you about this sale... SOooooo... this is ONE sale that you won't want to miss! HURRY.. it only lasts until 11/30.

You REALLY won't want to miss this Shopping Extravaganza!!
Trust me on this.. it's only available to my on-line shoppers!  Check out these sales;  SHOP now!  <- click here!

Ok.... back to our regularly scheduled show!

Disney Vacation - Day 3

Today we went to Blizzard Beach.  A total BLAST!  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show you of Blizzard Beach, because... well... it's a waterpark!  WAIT... I have a few.. check these out:

The entire park has snowdrifts, and icicles hanging off of the roofs and its "story" is that there was a freak snow storm and someone saw an opportunity for a ski resort! Here's the link:  Blizzard Beach
First thing we did was the Cross Country Creek.. which was a lazy inner tube float around the entire waterpark.  Then we went down the Run Off Rapids which was more fun coming down than going up!... WAYYYY too many steps! Me and Leo did that ride only ONCE, while the kids went back on it.   Next was Teamboat Springs, where all five of us sat in a huge round inner tube and went down this realllllllly steep slope that kept dipping to the right and the left... really FAST!  That was a lot of fun because to get to the entrance to that ride, you had to jump on a skylift to take you up up and UP.  After we had lunch, we hung out for about an hour at Melt-a-way Bay.  Which was this giGANTic wave pool.  Pretty cool place.

The highlight of Jaimee's vacation was we all went to see the movie New Moon after the water park! It's your typical... highschool girl falls in love with a vampire...AND... a werewolf!.. you know, every father's dream?... (cough cough!!)... It was pretty good.  She was happy!   :o)
Here's some pictures from yesterday:

These two pics were from the Safari

A nighttime view from our room...

Tomorrow we will be going to Magic Kingdom. 
I'll post more pics tomorrow!



Disney Vacation - Day 2

Another tiring day!!.... I must have walked 20 miles today....   Phew!  ok.. maybe not 20.. but it FELT like it!!!  After having a fantastic "Mickey" breakfast at our hotel.......

......we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  The kids enjoyed the rides, some of their favorites were:  It's Tough to be a Bug Smiley from, Mt. Everest Smiley from, Dinosaur Smiley from, and the Safari ride Smiley from  . 

The best ride was by FAR... Dinosaur!  Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any pictures, and quite honestly, we bounced around so much that they would not have come out anyway! In this ride, you sit in a "time travel" vehicle, and go back in time on a mission to find a particular species of dinosaur.  And this ride bounces you all over the place, while giantic dinosaurs try to eat you!  The kids loved it, and I screamed Smiley from the entire way through!

Here are some pics of the festivities:
This is taken in "It's Tough to be a Bug"

This a picture taken at Mt. Everest

I'll post more tomorrow!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Continuation of Day 1 (Last night)

I didn't get to bed until sometime after midnight because the kids wanted to go swimming last night when we got back from Downtown Disnet at 10:00..... So, we swam in the pool until we got kicked out for being TOO loud, and THAT was after midnight!!

Might I add that these beds are soooooooooooooooooooooo  comfy! WOW!  I slept soooo goood last night.. PLUS... I was just EXHAUSTED!!

We're staying at the Lake Buena Vista Hotel... and we're on the 15th floor... with a spectacular view!! check this out:

And Last night, once we got situated in our hotel room, we met my sister and her husband at Downtown Disney for dinner at an Irish Pub called Ragland..

We walked around Downtown Disney and found HATS!  And everyone was trying them on!!  Some of them were soooooo crazy!!

Even Leo tried one on:

Oh my goodness.... this is funny!

How cute is this?

This is the hat that Daniel ended up with!!

I'll post again either tonight or tomorrow morning!!!