Monday, March 9, 2009

Up and Running...........

Ok.. I thought I'd better get in gear, and jump on the "blog-wagon." I spend so much time reading everyone else's blogs that I thought maybe I could create my own. The only problem is finding the time to keep it updated!! But... we'll give it a try for now!

So... if your interested in following along... FANtastic!... Hopefully I won't bore you too much! :o)

The other surprising news is that I've decided to start my classes back up again. I know... I know... it's about time! It's just that school takes up so much of my time, that I find it difficult to plan around it. However, the good news is that I will FINALLY be done with school at the end of December. It sounds like a ways off... but, seriously, I have only 5 more classes... including the one that I'm in right now! So... December 23 can't come soon enough!

All of my classes will be held in my West Chester home between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Each class will cost $10 each and will be one Saturday a month. Currently I have to pick and choose which Saturday, because I'm working these in between school.

Seating will be limited, but I feel certain that I could comfortably seat at least six (6) people around my table... and I do have another sturdy folding table that I could set up.
I'll post information on the classes both on this blog and my website

So... for now... hang in there as I figure out how to work this blogging thingy.

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  1. Yippee!! I am your first official follower. And your blog is already looking quite interesting! My message to you?

    YOU GO, GIRL!!! I really like the first sample you have posted and I am looking forward to many more. When I want to stamp in between your classes I will log onto your blog and WALAW...I've got some great ideas.