Friday, July 31, 2009

Eeeek! A Patty Monster!!

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Ok... I know I'm a little early, and MAY be jumping the gun on this one.... but... these little guys are sooooo adorable I just couldn't resist making these little monsters!!!

I saw an idea similar to this in the Sept/Oct PaperCrafts magazine, pg. 20, except the One-eyed monster was a tad different (and it was on a card!)

These handsome, one-eyed, treasures are going to be decorating my Halloween treat bowl this year!! (maybe with a little sticker on the back with my contact information on!!) It's called cheap advertising! HA.. i love it!

Ok.. so... I have made these little guys using either YoYo Yellow, Green Galore, or Elegant Eggplant.. How cute are these??

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- Using your main color, punch out the following:
2 Scallop circle
1 3/4 inch circle for eye lid (cut in half)
2 Word windows for legs

- Using Basic black, punch out the following:

1 Word window for shoes (cut in half or trim more for smaller feet)
1 1/2 inch circle

- Using Whisper white, punch out the following:
1 1/2 inch circle


- Apply tiny bit of snail adhesive on the back of the Circle Scallop punch, and tape it down to a piece of notebook paper, or plain copy paper.

Re-punch it but, make sure you turn the punch so that it nicks off the rounded portion of the original scallop edges - see pic. (Email me for clarification if this doesn't make sense... I'll be happy to explain better).

- Sponge edges of pieces with a darker shade than the base color.

- Assemble pieces together.

- Add white "highlight" to black of eyeball for a "twinkle" using a white gel pen

- Add white "X's" to shoes for laces

- Glue the front and back pieces of 'little monster' to a peppermint patty.

These are adorable when all lined up next to each other!! My grandson (Austin) said... "HEY! That looks like "Mike Wazsouski"!! If any of you have ever seen Monster's Inc. you'd know the line!! heehee!!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable!! I saw the same idea in the Papercrafts magazine, but I LOVE "your take." I am sure I won't be the only one casing this idea!!

    I do have a question for you ... when you say to sponge the edges with a darker shade than the base color ~ could you tell me the exact colors you used to shade each piece?



  2. I just love these! I haven't picked up that issue yet. The next issue will have my card in it! Yipee!

  3. these are darling..thanks for sharing....

  4. Fabtabulous!!!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial