Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Ghost Walk in Gettysburg, PA

I think we had a friend following us last night in our ghost walk. Do you see these bubbles floating in our pictures? This bubble was in MANY of our pictures... It wasn't just my camera, Leo had them in his too.

The Jenny Wade tour was pretty cool. Even though we didn't actually "see, hear, or feel" any ghosts, I still enjoyed being in the house. What an awesome piece of history. For some reason, I'm particularly interested in her story. I would just LOVE to spend one night in that house.. (NOT by myself.. of course!! Since it IS deemed the 6th most haunted house in America)

I did learn something new last night. The house that I always thought of as... "Jenny Wade's House" was not really her house, but her sister's house, Georgia. Jenny's sister had just had a baby 5 days before the battle started. Jenny had been visiting her sister, and she was always making bread for the soldiers... as a matter of fact that is exactly what she was doing when the bullet ripped through two wooden doors hit her in the back and killed her. She died with the bread dough still in her hands. Jenny was the ONLY civilian who died in this horrendously vicious battle.

We enjoy coming to Gettysburg. There is so much history here, and it seems like we just can't get enough. Today we're going out to the battlefield, and take the kids to Devil's Den. If you've never been here to know... Devil's Den is this HUGE mound of boulders directly across from Big Round Top where the bloodiest of battles was ever fought on American soil. When you sit on top of those big boulders you can look across the battlefield. There's a stream there called "Bloody Run" because it ran red on the day of the battle. It makes you appreciate how precious life really is, and how short it can be. Live life as if its your last breath, and enjoy every single moment!!

Until later...


  1. Looks like you are having a good time. We went to Savannah, GA about 3 years ago and I wanted to do the ghost tour but my kids were too little. We settled for a daytime horse and buggy tour. I want to go back so bad! Enjoy yourself!

  2. Awesome cards and thanks for posting.
    I know you had fun on the ghost walk and I think you brought some of the spirits back with you to live in your house. :) Have some nice bedtime dreams errr (nightmares). Thanks for sharing.