Monday, July 20, 2009

Limited Supplies Challenge - in Gettysburg, PA

Ok... so... this is it! We're camping in Gettysburg all this week.. and This is ALL I brought camping with me.
One bag! (which I'm told weighs MORE than a propane tank!)
You should have seen the LOOK I got when I brought it out to the car to 'pack' it!
So... here's what's in it:
1 box of 48 SU! markers + 6 In-Color markers
Stampin' Scrub + spray
1 piece of each color of card stock
(sniff sniff.. no DSP)
1 pkg. of Whisper White
an assortment of round punches
7 rolls of ribbon (mostly the In-colors + satin white)
and about 5 stamp sets!
I brought my markers because I figured that would be ALL of my "stamp pad" colors.
So.... tonight.... we're going on a ghost walk. Then to the Jenny Wade House... (which is also supposed to be haunted).. and.. tomorrow... I'm STAMPING! I'll post what on here what I end up making with my 'limited supplied'.... Maybe, I'll surprise myself!
Ok... anyway... catch ya later!!

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could go on the ghost walk and to the haunted house!!!


    Next time you have to take me with you!!