Saturday, September 26, 2009

EEeeeeeps!! a Monster.... Card

Careful... This guys BITES!! Smiley from

Ok... so... here's the scoop on this scarrrry guy!!

Our neighborhood is having a block party today... so I thought I'd make an M&M guessing game ...

Here's the Jar.. and the lid.

I added some googlie eyeballs to the spider.

I think that makes him really CUTE!!
Maybe spiders aren't supppposed to be cute.. hmm....
Smiley from

Ok... So anyway.. I wanted to make a CUTE way to deliver the "count" of how many M&M's are in the jar.

First, I made the Monster Eyeballs and was GOING to add them to the jar somehow. However, I thought that they would get knocked off with people picking up the jar and turning it over to "count" the M&M's.
SO.. I figured... ok... I'll just put these eyeballs on the outside of a card. Then... one thing lead to another and the next thing you know, I'm adding "teeth" to the edge of my card. I thought that monsters don't have the prettiest teeth, so I made them "jagged." Just re-punch the scallops, but, the second punch, just nick a piece out of the rounded part, sponge on a little Yo-yo Yellow and you have PERFECT monster teeth!! Smiley from
Shhhhh.... Here's the count:
Oh, by the way... I used the Large Heart Punch for the tongue, and added it to a thick Window Sheet so it sticks out! Plus... he's got a few bugs in his mouth that he hasn't chewed up yet!! Smiley from
Until later!!
Stampin ' Hugs!


  1. Vety cute card CarolAnn. You always come up with the cuties ideas.


  2. These are awesome, Carol....I'm especially LOVIN' the monster friggin' cool!