Sunday, November 22, 2009

Continuation of Day 1 (Last night)

I didn't get to bed until sometime after midnight because the kids wanted to go swimming last night when we got back from Downtown Disnet at 10:00..... So, we swam in the pool until we got kicked out for being TOO loud, and THAT was after midnight!!

Might I add that these beds are soooooooooooooooooooooo  comfy! WOW!  I slept soooo goood last night.. PLUS... I was just EXHAUSTED!!

We're staying at the Lake Buena Vista Hotel... and we're on the 15th floor... with a spectacular view!! check this out:

And Last night, once we got situated in our hotel room, we met my sister and her husband at Downtown Disney for dinner at an Irish Pub called Ragland..

We walked around Downtown Disney and found HATS!  And everyone was trying them on!!  Some of them were soooooo crazy!!

Even Leo tried one on:

Oh my goodness.... this is funny!

How cute is this?

This is the hat that Daniel ended up with!!

I'll post again either tonight or tomorrow morning!!!



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