Monday, November 23, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 3

Today we went to Blizzard Beach.  A total BLAST!  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show you of Blizzard Beach, because... well... it's a waterpark!  WAIT... I have a few.. check these out:

The entire park has snowdrifts, and icicles hanging off of the roofs and its "story" is that there was a freak snow storm and someone saw an opportunity for a ski resort! Here's the link:  Blizzard Beach
First thing we did was the Cross Country Creek.. which was a lazy inner tube float around the entire waterpark.  Then we went down the Run Off Rapids which was more fun coming down than going up!... WAYYYY too many steps! Me and Leo did that ride only ONCE, while the kids went back on it.   Next was Teamboat Springs, where all five of us sat in a huge round inner tube and went down this realllllllly steep slope that kept dipping to the right and the left... really FAST!  That was a lot of fun because to get to the entrance to that ride, you had to jump on a skylift to take you up up and UP.  After we had lunch, we hung out for about an hour at Melt-a-way Bay.  Which was this giGANTic wave pool.  Pretty cool place.

The highlight of Jaimee's vacation was we all went to see the movie New Moon after the water park! It's your typical... highschool girl falls in love with a vampire...AND... a werewolf!.. you know, every father's dream?... (cough cough!!)... It was pretty good.  She was happy!   :o)
Here's some pictures from yesterday:

These two pics were from the Safari

A nighttime view from our room...

Tomorrow we will be going to Magic Kingdom. 
I'll post more pics tomorrow!



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