Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 4

Magic Kingdom - Part 1
Goodness.... What can I say!  There was SOOooo much to see in Magic Kingdom that we only covered half of the park and we're going back to see the other half tomorrow! (Actually today, since i was supposed to post this LAST night!!)
We took about 400 pictures between all of us, and I'll be gathering them all together when I get back to make a scrapbook using My Digital Studio!  I have SO many great pictures!! Here are a few:

Here's a popular one...

At the Pirates of the Carribean

The boys "arm wrestling" on Tom Sawyer's Island

Jaimee.... trying to steal the "BOOTY"

Unfortunately................Smiley from !     We're going ANYWAY!  I'll post more later!


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