Friday, November 27, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 6

Disney's Hollywood Studio's (Formely known as: MGM Studio's)
The kids really enjoyed Hollywood Studio's,  Thomas and Daniel's favorite spot was the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!  The popular Indiana Jones is replayed right before your eyes!  Indiana Jones arrives through a hole in the ceiling, coming down on a rope...Spikes pop up in the stage floor, and a huge "boulder" trys to crush him as he runs from it.  They use volunteers from the audience, but I couldn't get any of our kids to volunteer!  Another BIG highlight from the day was the show called "Lights, Motors, Action!" This show had LOTS of stunt cars, motorcycles, and jet skis racing across the set. There was even a guy who fell from a 5-story building onto an airbag.  Plus, anytime things "BLOW UP" the boys love it!  Other things we did were: Star Wars thrill ride, Muppet 3D vision, The Great Movie ride, The Backlot Tour, and the night ended with a spectacular view of the city lights.  Check this out:

TWO streets were lit up like this

PLUS... it "snowed" from the tops of the building!

Here are some other fun pictures:

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