Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whoaaaaa....... CHECK out the NEW L@@K!

Leo worked ALLLLL DAYYYYY long to change some major elements in my blog!!  I think he did a FAN-TAS-TIC JOB!

I created my Blog header a few days ago with My Digital Studio and THAT was the easy part... Leo added those cool clicky links right under my blog, and changed some other things.
Check this signature out....


Another COOOOL creation from My Digital Studio!!


  1. I love it!! I need a Leo in my life to help me with stuff like that. What a great job on the header.

  2. I need to play around with MDS, everyone is doing such cute things on their blogs with it. Your blog header is absolutely adorable! I love it!

    How did you get a menu bar with blogspot? You are very fortunate to have Leo help you!

  3. I couldn't have done it by myself, I actually used help from others users, I just had to tweek it to fit Carol's page. I will talk to Carol and see if she will post the link to the directions I used and slightly modified. Leo