Thursday, December 17, 2009

Did you think I got lost?

Hello??... HELLLLOOOoooo??...  [ echo ] .....
                   Anybody here?  [ echo ].......
Holy Scmokes!  It seems SOOooo LONG!  Wow!  My last post was in the beginning of December!   I'm so so sorry, the past month has just ZOOOOMED by me!  I can hardly believe that next WEEK is Christmas!  Wowzers!  And, as usual, I am by FAR.... NOT ready!  At least I have all of my Christmas cards made.  I did that before I went away on vacation last month. Thankgoodness for small miracles!
  Ok... so, Honestly.. I have been so busy! The good news is, last night I took my final, so I don't have another class until next year.. the bad news is... next year is only TWO weeks away! 
   More good news...  the Holiday Inn Express contracted me to make 120 Christmas cards for them... PLUS... she just called me tonight, asking for another FORTY by Monday!  Without thinking... i told her YES!  yikes!  Nothing like a little MORE added pressure!'s the card.. (a few minor changes were, to remove the extra snowflake punch and only make it in velumn, and I added white grosgrain ribbon accross the bottom)  I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the 120 cards, but this card is VERY similar to what I gave her:

When I made the extra 40 cards, I will CERTAINLY take a picture.  I was just so darn excited to get them done, and delivered, that I completely forgot to take a snap shot! (oh well)...  

I'm sooooo beat!  I still have a lot to do yet tonight, so I better get crackin' 
I just wanted ya'll to know that I am still here... just SWAMPED!

Hugs to all!

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