Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No,  Really, I am.... I know, i know... it doesn't SEEM like I am, because I've been totally ignoring my blog!  HOWEVER.... the trip home was totally exhausting... even though I slept almost the entire way on the plane.  I dunno, traveling always wears me out! 
So, anyway, we did get home Saturday evening, I'm STILL not caught up on my laundry.. Anybody wanna do it for me??  Smiley from ... (just kidding!)

Sunday, I did pretty much nothing but vegatate on the sofa.. (still worn out, I guess), and other than working almost every single night this week (LATE... mind you), I've been trying to get ready for my Saturday, Holiday workshop class this Saturday.  AND... not to mention... TRY to keep up with my homework.  I really CAN'T wait until I'm done school... boy oh boy that will be one BIG PAR-TAY! Smiley from

Anyway... bear with me on my blog... Trust me... I won't leave you high and dry!  Smiley from ;I'll be getting something posted sometime this weekend.  (I hope!)... because I also have a huge term paper due on Sunday, (which I haven't started yet.... anybody interested in doing THAT for me?? )...  I suppose it all boils down to............
I'D RATHER BE STAMPING!!!  Smiley from

Stampin' Hugs!


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