Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There's....  a WEDDING in my future!!  YAY!!! 
So.. (picture this...) me and Leo are coming back from taking Jaimee to meet her Dad... and we're deciding where to go for dinner...  and we stopped at THE MOST romantic Italian restaurant in Downingtown. (I had thought that this place was a Japanese restaurant.. i'm NOT sure where I got THAT idea from!  So.. we walk in and the place looks like it right off of the streets of Italy!  simply GORGEOUS!!

After we order our drinks, Leo looks at me from across the table... puts this tiny black fuzzy box on the table, and slides it over to my side.. and I was Sooooooo excited!! I opened it up and just SQUEALED!  The waitress was really cute.. because she came back with our drink order.. and she said.. "WHAT DID I MISS?"  I said.. "I guess you just missed the proposal!"  She said.. "OH THIS calls for a bottle of wine!!"  So.. we ordered some YUMMMMMY champagne, and toasted to our future!!

And.... here's the RING!

It's just sooooooooo beautiful!!
(heehee.. I had to get a manicure to show it off!!)

So.. this all happened on Friday night... and Here is a BEAUTIFUL engagement card from my stamping friend Janet!
  This is JUST SOooooo pretty!!

This card is absolutly STUNNING!!!!
I LOVE it!!

Hugs to all!!


  1. Congratulations! What a gorgeous ring!

  2. OH I am soooo Happy. Congratulations you two. You make a perfect couple. Barbara

  3. Congrats, Carol!!! How exciting!!!! You'll have to come to our next Wee Inkers meeting and dazzle us with the ring in person!!! heehee!!! Have fun!!!!

  4. Thanks Carol, I'm impressed that my card is honored on your Blog. Hope you have a ball with all the arrangements. Your ring is gorgeous - so is the manicure. :-)