Friday, April 23, 2010



This last class felt soooooo LOOONNGG!! and I can't BELIEVE it... it's finally OVER!

WOW... I already FEEL like I have LOADS more time!!  (even though, its the SAME amount of time I had before.... it just FEELS like WAYYY MORE!)

I'm JUMPING up and down!! 

SO.... for my GRADUATION present... Leo going to let me RE-DO my craftroom!  OOOhhhh.. I have soooooooooo many idea swimming around in my head.. I can't WAIT to get started.

Just know these few things that will be coming up:

In JUNE.. I will be having a HUGE GIANTIC Craft Sale called:  OUT with the OLD / IN with the NEW!
EVERYTHING not in the current catalog will be GOING!  I need to make room for new goodies, and clean up so my new cabinets won't be cluttered!  OOooohhh I can't WAIT!

In JULY... I will be having an Open House to celebrate the new catalog!  SO.... more details to come on THAT!

SO.... WATCH for upcoming details on these two important events!

ALSO......  I will be back stamping SOOON!  Right now my craft table looks like a tornado hit it, so I have to clean up and re-oganize (somewhat).. before I can begin to play with my pretty new stamps that just came in the mail!!  YIPPEE!! 

BE on the LOOKOUT for some HOT new CREATIONS, and TONS of great ideas coming YOUR WAY!



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  1. Whooooooooo-hoooooooooo! CONGRATS on graduating, what an accomplishment. I'll bet it feels so good to be done. Double whoo-hoo on redoing the craft fun FUN!!