Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stamper's Holiday Retreat-2010

Yep... it's been a month since I've last posted.. ugh!  I know.. i know..  But, I've been extremely busy :)

Between getting ready for the Retreat, and my wedding in December, I haven't had much time to post much.  It probably won't get much better the closer we get to the wedding. 

The Holiday Retreat was awesome!!  There were 16 really FUN holiday projects, and I am SURE that everybody enjoyed making them.  Here's a few pictures from the event:

My display boards:

Everyone.. busy working!!

Toni... making the Tote Bag Project

Nadine & Janet discussing the next step in their project...

JoAnn only has a few seconds to look up for a picture...

Pat, Karin, Barb, & JoAnn

Janet, Nadine, and Sandi

Barb & JoAnn

Each project was contained in a basket, and the baskets floated back and forth between the stampers. 

The Big Shot was in the center of the room so everyone could get to it, because almost EVERY single projected had something on it that used the big shot.  Embossing folders, or die cuts... the Big Shot was used well.

I'm making pretty good progress on the wedding... and Leo just told me this morning that there is only 57 more days left before the wedding... AAARRRGGHHHHH.... I have SO much stuff to do, yet!!

Here's what I've got to do yet...
- Finish my wedding dress (I have to add the sleeves, and hem it)
- Make Leo's dress shirt (not even started, yet)
- Alter the bridal party's wedding dresses (that should be pretty quick)
- Make hair clips 
- Doctor up the guest book, and tiki torches
- Make the unity candles
- Write up the "Sand" ceremony verses
- Finish the bouquets
- Make Thank You cards
- Make gift boxes

I'm pretty sure, one good work weekend will knock a lot of this stuff off my list. 

However, TODAY... I am dedicating to my brother, Barry!  We are on our way to Millsboro, Delaware to visit him and his wife, Sue.  He just got out of the hospital --had some major surgery, and a few other issues that will be taken care of soon.  I am praying daily for his recovery.  Even with the wedding fastly approaching, NOTHING is more important than making sure family member know that we love them, and want them to be happy, and healthy!  So, today, I dedicate to my brother!  I love you Barry!  :o)